Paradise for divers - scuba diving, snorkling and surface fishing

The clear waters surrounding the Maltese Islands offer some of the best diving in the Mediterranean.

They offer a well - developed infrastructure for divers and are capable of coping with the most sophisticated demands. It is becoming ever more popular in the winter months because the sea temperature rarely falls below 13C. Beginners and Divers will receive all the help and assistance from the qualified schools in Malta or Gozo. Training and examinations for obtaining a diver's license follow the guidelines of international diving organizations such as PADI and clubs associated with these bodies like British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC).

If you have not SCUBA dived before there are economically priced introductory courses usually for groups of two or three. These are normally one or two half-day PADI courses.

If you are an experienced diver there are a full range of PADI courses from open water to advanced Open water, Deep Diving courses, Wreck and Boat Diving Packages, Night diving and more Professional courses.

There are a number of Diving regulations that one must follow when visiting and diving in Malta :

- A Medical exam.

- A Diving Permit - a registration form will be given on arrival at the dive centre.

- Minimum age - There are no restrictions.

- Written parental consent will be required for divers under the age of 18.

- Spear Fishing is forbidden.

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