Malta Highlights

The fact that there is so much history and so many historical sites on the island of Malta never ceases to amaze our visitors.

On this excursion you will most definitely get a taste of this as you go from north to south visiting places like the Blue Grotto which is one of the gems of the islands. You will have an opportunity of going on an optional boat ride with the fishermen who steer the boat or dghajsa into the caves.

The Mosta Dome church is a remarkable building, the massive edifice dominates the town and its dome (the third largest unsupported dome in Europe) can be seen towering above humbler abodes in the neighbouring areas. This is the very same church where the bomb had fallen through the dome during the second world war and it did not explode.

This excursion would not be complete without a visit to the ancient and medieval city of Mdina. Formerly the capital city, this fortified relic reminiscent of an era which has long since disappeared watches over the ramparts, silently, wisely, forever mindful of all that has passed and for all that still has to come.

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