This half day is an opportunity to mingle with the locals and experience the overwhelming atmosphere that comes about when so many locals congregate in the same place.

Amidst much waving of hands they haggle, they admonish their children who tug at their skirts as some novel toy on display grabs their attention, they bump into each other as the density of people allows one to walk at a pace of placing one foot in front of the other. Skuzi. skuzi they say impatiently and with reinforced emphasis - waiting in line does not come easy to those of Mediterranean temperament.

It is the place to hear il-Malti spoken, vibrantly, colourfully - the hawkers that will not be ignored.

It is the ideal setting to practice your Maltese or the few words that will make the locals beam at you... Grazzi (thank you), kemm? (how much?), Bongu (good morning) and not for the fainthearted - Jekk joghgbok (please) and of course skuzi.

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