Sunday Special

This excursion has been especially planned to enable you to spend an extremely exciting Sunday... the Captain Morgan way.

Superb value for money together with a pleasantly unusual combination of events, will undoubtedly make this Sunday the most exciting day of your holiday.

The day starts at approximately 9.30am when you will be collected by Captain Morgan transport and driven to a local open market, where one can spend about an hour amongst the hustle and bustle of buyers and sellers... wheelers and dealers all looking for the best bargains ever. After visiting the market you will then board your transport and continue on your drive towards Sliema for lunch, either in a Five Star Hotel or on board the Captain Morgan vessel for a Harbour Cruise (including lunch).

Whilst cruising, our guide will explain the history of Valletta and the Three Cities connected with the Great Siege of 1565 and 1942, and all other places of interest including the historical forts, battlements and creeks which can only be admired from the sea. Coming out of the Grand Harbour we cruise back to Sliema, where we proceed to Marsa Race Course to spend the rest of the afternoon at the Horse Races. Try your luck on the tote.

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