Built by the Knights of St.John, Malta's Renaissance capital city. Valletta is rich in history and is full of architectural treasures.

This city is protected by magnificent defensive bastions, which have withstood onslaughts, by man and nature for over 400 years.

This excursion will take you to the upper Barrakka Gardens - overhanging gardens commanding a panoramic view over the Grand Harbour - the largest natural harbour in the whole of the Mediterranean Sea. We then walk to St.John's Square where we visit St.John's Co Cathedral. "The most striking interior I have ever seen" with these words Sir Walter Scott described St.John's in 1573. A treasure house of history and works of art depicting the valour of 'warrior monks'. Inside the Co Cathedral in the magnificent oratory we see Caravaggio's masterpiece. The beheading of St.John now back where it belongs after restoration in Italy.

We then visit the Grand Master's Palace with its famous halls of Tapestries or the armoury with its unique authentic collection of suits of armour and weaponry.

This walking tour of Valletta is a unique experience capturing the essence of the 'City built by gentlemen for gentlemen'.

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