Village Festa

The festa or feast is one of the most important events on the National calendar.

Celebrated between May and September, this event is really the culmination of praise for the patron saint of the village's parochial church...The Maltese village festa must surely be the setting for when "the saints go marching in".

Traditionally characterised by brass bands and brightly decorated streets lined with religious statuettes, stalls or "kiosks" selling souvenirs, knick knacks and local delicacies and throngs of villagers and spectators, this event is as paradoxically pagan as it is religious. It is a spectacular sight with the local church being the focus of attention (or supposed so!), splendidly dressed with red damask hangings and brilliantly illuminated by hundreds of bulbs.

The general mood is one of expectancy as everybody waits restlessly for the crescendo of the evening - the awesome fireworks display that illuminate the skies with defiant and mesmerising colours and patterns.

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