Every place on earth has a history and Malta is no exception

Of interest to most visitors are the numerous religious feasts with colourful processions, bands fireworks and illuminations. One important celebration is that of St Paul’s shipwreck on 10th February. However during Easter time the processions are more solemn although there is much colourful pageantry in the streets. 

In all there are over 55 festas involving one town or village at a time. Valletta was built by the Knights as a fortified city after Malta was devastated by the epic siege of 1565. In Valletta and in other towns and villages there is an assembly of works of art which the patronage of the church and the artistic conscience of the Maltese brought into being throughout the ages.

There are so many worthy and representative art treasures in the churches and its museums all forming part of the islands cultural ,religious and artistic heritage which visitors to the Maltese Islands should not miss.


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