James Bond/Casino Royale

Guests are met by hosts and hostesses in evening wear. During welcome drink delegates will be able to enjoy a musician playing live saxophone music while 6 dancers improvise to his music moving in a subtle and sensual manner.

The dining area is decorated in black and white and a chill out area which compliments the set up is also available.

The theme in the foyer will be set by having large playing cards, hanging from the ceiling, a corner with mock Casino games and actors playing with a hand of cards for a back drop. Hosts and hostesses will lead guests into the dining hall.

The same theme will run in the dining hall, centre pieces with cards and chips will adorn tables, while a large roulette which lights up will be the back drop for the stage.

First course is served and a female singer performs a twenty minute live vocal act with the band.
Second course is served and cleared and 6 dancers give a 35 minute staged performance.

Dessert and coffee are served and the female vocalist entertains delegates with a varied repertoire.

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