Toga Party

Guests are met outside venue by nymphs and a high priest, holding torches. The way to the venue will be decorated by fire bowls and a red carpet. The high priest will welcome guests and together with the other nymphs and will lead guests into venue.

On arrival at the venue the nymphs will give delegates a toga and a laurel wreath headdress to wear. Alternatively the togas can be left in the hotel room and guests will wear them before they depart. The venue will be decorated with decadent drapes, chiffon cascades, low cushions, carpets and small tables and delegates will be able to experience a Roman feast. Nymphs will feed grapes to delegates and serve wine from pottery jugs.

The nymphs will interact with the guests who can join in the various photo opportunities created for the evening. A grape pressing stand may also be set up and guests may give this a try.
To the sound of a gong, the high priest invites guests into banqueting area.

Bacchus is sleeping at a focal point at the venue. As soon as guests are seated the High priest invokes Bacchus and he will recount the story of wine. This is about 5 minutes long, in English rhyme and slightly humorous.

First course is served and an illusionist in roman attire entertains guests by performing close up tricks throughout the evening.

As soon as first course is cleared an acrobat gives a 9 minute performance. Second course is served and cleared a belly dancer give a 10 minute performance.

Desert and coffee are served and the same performers repeat their acts interchanging positions.

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