Useful Information

It is quite straightforward to marry on the Maltese Islands. The paperwork is very similar to what you would require back home.

These are:

  • A full photocopy of the photo page of the current passport for both bride and groom and 2 witnesses.
  • Full birth certificates (showing parents' names) of both bride and groom, authenticated by a legal person are also needed.
  • If this is your first marriage, you require a Free Status certificate. In Scotland and Ireland this is a 'Certificate of no Impediment'. In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, this is a 'Statutory Declaration' by a 3rd party drawn up in the presence of a solicitor.
  • In the case of Divorcees, you will need to also include your Divorce Absolute and an Affidavit by a 3rd person drawn up in the presence of a solicitor, stating you have not re-married.
  • For widowers, you will need the wedding certificate of your first marriage, the death certificate of your former spouse and an affidavit as above stating you have not re-married since.
  • In case of a name change, a photocopy of the Deed Poll or Statutory Declaration.
  • A photocopy of the Adoption certificate if applicable.
  • If under 18 years of age a parental consent.
  • RZ1 and RZ2 forms issued by the Maltese Government.


Please note that copies of all legal documentation mentioned suffice. However, these all need to be signed, stamped and dated in front of a Commissioner of Oaths or solicitor not more than 10 weeks before the wedding and reaches us at least 8 weeks prior to the wedding date. Original certificates need to brought to Malta and presented to the Public Registry.

The above mentioned guidelines are for British and Irish passport holders. If you are contacting us from anywhere else in the world kindly contact us as variations for your country may apply.

General Information

The wedding takes the form of a Maltese Civil Ceremony at the Public Registry in Valletta or Victoria in Gozo (Mon - Fri) or at a venue of your choice. It is a short ceremony conducted in English, and includes an opportunity for a short reading.

Your marriage will be legal in accordance with Maltese law and conducted by an official Marriage Officer, Registrar (or Priest in the case of a Church wedding). Your marriage certificate, issued here, is proof that you are legally bound by law and this will also stand as legally binding in your own country. You are requested to make enquiries with your local Registry Office if your marriage needs to be recorded in your own country upon your return back home.

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